Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Bing Manufacturer Center and Bing Merchant Center?

Bing Merchant Center allows advertisers and retailers to provide details that help in sale of the product. It can be used by a merchant who would like to run Product Ads campaigns on Bing to drive sales.

Bing Manufacturer Center is for manufacturers to provide rich details about their products and multimedia [images, videos etc.] about their products. The data is used to enhance the product information in Bing product catalog which is used to power various Microsoft experiences. Even if a manufacturer does not sell directly to consumers, they can provide data to Bing Manufacturer Center.

Some manufacturers may be retailers as well and may participate in both Bing Merchant Center and Bing Manufacturer Center.

I already have a product catalog for Bing Merchant Center. What do I do?

Great! You are already a few steps ahead. If your data feed contains the basic attributes (brand, product name, category, GTIN, MPN), we should be able to get started really quick. Do provide the info during sign-up.

How can I use my data that I already have for Google Manufacturer Center or Google Merchant Center?

We support Google file-formats for product catalogs. If you have them, no need for extra work - we can get moving.

Its been more than 48 hours, and I have not recevied a confirmation. What do I do?

This should not happen but if it does - we are sorry! You can follow-up on the status with us at