What is Bing Manufacturer Center?

Bing Manufacturer Center enables you to provide authorized content and manage your brand presence and product data throughout Bing powered Microsoft consumer experiences inclusive of search.

Through Bing Manufacturer Center you are in control of the product information for your products appearing on Bing and other Microsoft properties. You can make your products stand-out through comprehensive details, rich images and descriptions which can attract more shoppers.

About Product Ads

The product information is also used to enhance Product Ads on Bing and make them more attractive for shoppers.

Bing Ads provides two types of ads: Text ads and Product Ads.

Products Ads include custom images from your own product catalogs (created in the Bing Merchant Center), plus specific promotional text, pricing, and seller details. A title to the Product Ads block is also included, helping to bring attention to your products.

Product Ads use your specific product information to determine who sees your ads. If someone's search query is relevant to your products, your Product Ad can show up on the search results.

For more inforation on Product Ads, click here.


  • Showcase your products - Make your products stand-out through detailed information and media content.
  • Manage your data with easy and fast tools
  • Get access to detailed analytics on how your products are performing across Bing and other Microsoft surfaces

How to get started?

  • If you are a manufacturer and want to manage your own data, sign up here.
  • If you are a manufacturer and want to integrate with data partners, sign up here and provide the necessary partner details.
  • If you are a data partner, reach out to us at partneronbmc@microsoft.com.