Quick setup

Who are data partners?

Data Partners are agencies or third-party companies who work with manufacturers directly to manage the product related information and distribute/maintain data on their behalf. These include product information management agencies, feed management firms etc. They can simplify the process of normalizing, preparing and maintaining product data shared with Bing Manufacturer Center - thus helping to keep the data fresh and accurate.

How to get started?

Below are the steps:

  • Sign up in the invitation form here
  • Find a Bing Manufacturer Center Trusted Partner to help you set up the feed. We’ve worked with them to map and export data into our feed specification format. If you are working with some other data partner, you can provide the necessary information during account set-up
  • Complete onboarding and manage your products

Bing Manufacturer Center Trusted Partner

If you are a data partner, contact us at partneronbmc@microsoft.com for more details on the Bing Manufacturer Center Trusted Partner program.