Set up products feed

Providing rich information about your products, helps us showcase them across Microsoft properties. A data file is a list of products with detailed information about each of the attributes that helps your products stand-out. Once created, you can set up a feed entry in your account to ingest the data file. You can submit the file through regular upload via FTP or SFTP. Alternatively, you can set up scheduled fetch of your feed from FTP, SFTP, HTTP or HTTPS locations for us to retrieve the file. It is important to submit the required attributes as listed below.

Recommended Information:

  • ID (required)
  • Brand (required)
  • Product Name (required)
  • GTIN (required)
  • Description (required)
  • Image link (required)

Other supported attributes: product data specifications

Supported file formats:

We currently support 2 formats for product data files:

TSV (Tab-separated values)

These files can be created using spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel. The attributes are present in the first row and the subsequent rows have details for each product.

Best practices

  • The feed filename provided for feed entry should match the name assigned to the file.
  • Provide details of one product per row
  • Do not include trailing tabs at the end of rows
  • Do not include tabs or line breaks within cells i.e. attributes
Sample TSV file: Here

XML (Extensible Markup Language)

This is recommended format if you have a product information management system which can export product data.

Best practices

  • The feed filename provided for feed entry should match the name assigned to the file.
  • Check the tags for the data attributes
Sample XML file: Here

Steps for setup

Step 1: Click the Feeds tab in the left navigation menu. Click on Add Feed.

Step 2: Fill up the necessary details for setting up a feed:

  • Mode of feed:
    • Test: Allows you to upload the files and check for errors/warnings. The products uploaded through this feed will not be pushed for publish. This is good for validating a file for format errors.
    • Standard: Allows you to upload products data to your account. The products uploaded through this feed will be pushed for publish after validation.
  • Feed Name: Provide a name that helps you easily identify the feed.
  • Input method: Bing Manufacturer Center supports scheduled fetches and regular uploads.
    • Scheduled fetches: Allows Bing Manufacturer Center to fetch data hosted on your website. Fetches can be set up by entering the necessary details about the URL pointing to your product feed. Changes to the product feed will get applied to your account after a successful fetch.
    • Regular uploads: Allows you to upload file directly into Bing Manufacturer Center.
  • Feed Setup:
    • Scheduled fetch:
      • Scheduling: Select the frequency of the fetch (i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly), day or date, time of day and time-zone as applicable.
      • File URL: Enter the URL where your file is stored
      • Login credentials: Provide username and password if your file URL is protected
      • Click submit to create a feed entry
    • Regular uploads:
      • On selecting this method, a Azure storage will automatically get generated. Click Submit to create a feed entry.
      • A key will be displayed on the screen. You should note this down as it will be needed for uploading data to FTP location.
      • Follow the Azure CLI command on the screen to upload data

Manage Feeds

To manage the feeds later, you can navigate to the Feeds tab in left navigation menu and click Manage Feed.