Product data specifications

This page details the list of attributes supported on Bing Manufacturer Center and the format for each of the attributes. This is not an exhaustive list. There can be other attributes which are supported based on the product category.

Attribute Applicability Example Description
id Required C123
  • Unique identifier for each product
  • Maximum 50 characters
gtin Required 323775544213
  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) for the product
  • Supported values: UPC / GTIN-12
  • For more info:
  • Unique for each product
brand Required Microsoft
  • Provide brand name that help indetify the product
mpn Recommended MI98887CROS
  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) for your product
  • Use specific MPNs for variants
product name Required Contoso Camera
  • Do not include promotional text like “sale”, “discount” or objectionable content
  • Include variant information if applicable
  • Max 200 characters
bing product category Recommended Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones
  • Identifies the category for your product
  • Specify only 1 category
  • Select the most relevant category
  • Check here for list of categories
product type Optional Mobile Phones
  • Product type taxonomy defined by you
  • Either bing product category or Product type should be present
color Optional Black
  • Color for your product
  • Required for apparel category
release date Optional
  • Date on which the product will be available for sale in the market
disclosure date Optional
  • Date on which the product will be announced in the market
  • Helps in showcasing the product right from the time people start enquiring about it
image link Required
  • Link to the main image for the product
  • Provide image that showcases your product best
  • Do not provide generic image
  • Size of image should be less than or equal to 2MB
additional image link Optional
  • Link to additional images for the product
  • Images must be separated by a separator which should not be the part of image Url.
video link Optional
  • Link to a product video
  • Should focus on the product on sale and not comparison to other products
description Required
  • Include description of the product
  • Max 2000 characters
product page url Recommended
  • Landing page for the product
  • Use valid domain name
mobile product page url Optional
  • Landing page for mobile devices