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A Bing Manufacturer Center account allows you to manage information about your company, brands you own and your products.

Follow the below steps to create an account:

  • Sign up the invitation form here
  • We will reach out to you for setting up the account in 48 hours
  • Once approved, you will receive an authorization link at the email address provided by you
  • Sign-in to the email account that you would want to be linked to the Bing Manufacturer Center account. Currently we support Microsoft Accounts and Google Accounts.
  • After logging into follow the prompts to provide the necessary details:
    • Company: This is pre-filled from your invitation form. Contact us for changing this info.
    • Company website: Provide the official website of the company.
    • Primary contact: All future correspondence regarding notifications and updates will be sent to this email.
    • Technical contact: All future correspondence regarding updates about data feeds will go to this email. If it is not provided, correspondence will be sent to the primary contact.
    • Read and agree to the Bing Manufacturer Center Terms and conditions.
  • Click Submit to complete the account setup

Common Issues

Message Issue Steps to resolve
You logged in with different email than what you have used previously to login. Do you want to sign-out and re-login with that or continue with this here onwards? This happens when you had set up the account with one email address but attempting to login with another.
  • Click continue
  • Log-in again
Your invitation has expired. Please fill up the invitation form to reset the account. The invitation links are active for 14 days. If you do not complete the authorization by that time, the link will expire. Contact us.
The link you have used is invalid. Please use the correct link or contact us for help. If the link has some bad characters or is invalid, this error message is shown. Contact us.
Email has been sent to your registered email address Your application has been approved. You need to check your email for the authorization link.
  • Check email
  • Click the authorization link
Your invitation has been disapproved. In case of clarifications on reasons for disapproval, reach out to us. If your application does not match our eligibility criteria or the products are not available in supported categories/countries, this message is shown. Contact us.
Your invitation is currently under review. We will be reaching out to you soon over email. The application is under review for authorization. Contact us.